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O's Computer Service, LLC was formed in 2010 as a part time business to help out people with their computing needs. Specializing in repair of computers that have hardware or software issues that need to be upgraded or serviced. The service we provide is quoted based on the issues that are described and we will give you a best case scenario and worst case scenario to correct the issues you are experiencing. What sets us apart from the rest of the competition?

• Customer Service – You’re always going to be talking to the same person every time you are asking a question or requesting service
• Commitment – Committed to providing the best service possible the first time and resolving your issues/concerns to your satisfaction
• Communication – Will keep you updated with the status of the work being done as well as follow up after service is done to ensure everything is working as expected
• Customer Tracking – Keeping a database of the work completed as well as the hardware and software applications you have installed to better serve you the next time
• Versatility – Able to meet your needs in supporting you after normal work hours and weekends. As well as picking your PC up, dropping it off, working on-site or remotely to meet your needs
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